Digital Experts that Deliver

Your new website must fundamentally change your business
  • “It needs a refresh”
    “It’s looking a bit tired”

    We don’t believe these are compelling reasons to change your website. A new website, or a whole new digital strategy, must add real value to your organisation.

    It must sit at the very heart of your business to support and inspire your team: from front-line sales people to back-room admin. In short, it must make your whole business measurably better.

  • We don't do off the shelf

    In marked contrast to the vast majority of digital agencies who simply offer commoditised, off-the-shelf solutions, we believe in Big Picture Thinking.

    We’ll only recommend the appropriate digital solutions, ones that are specifically designed to deliver real business transformation.

    Whether it’s increasing your productivity, reducing your costs or pumping up your revenue streams.

  • We don't do juniors

    When you work with THIRTEEN, you’ll always work one-to-one with our founder, John Dibb. He’ll put together a project team of hugely experienced senior consultants picked for their relevant specialist expertise.

    Sounds expensive? Not at all. By using freelance consultants hand-picked for your project we can keep our overheads low. We don’t need a big, flashy office so we don’t charge big, flashy fees. Which means you get big agency expertise for a fraction of what you might expect.

    To find out more about a new way of doing business, call John Dibb on 07849 478 246